Duracore™ Products Are Built To Endure

At Aquatic, we’re always innovating, and this strength is particularly evident in our line of fiberglass-reinforced bath products. Four structural layers, held together by chemical bonding, assure each product stands up to the rigors of shipping, installation and usage over time. The outer surface has a bright white shine, making new DuraCore products as enduring in appearance as they are in construction.

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Layers of Solid Protection

Internal layers of reinforcement are scored and smooth-faced on both sides to ensure a uniform, high-strength bond at all contact points, including corners and curved areas. The base support and external structure are also reinforced and fully encapsulated for added durability.

Stronger Warranties

We’re so confident in the quality of DuraCore, we’ve boosted the warranty for all Aquatic FRP products from three years to five years.

Whiter, Glossier Finish

Aquatic DuraCore products have a finish that’s independently tested to be the brightest, whitest and glossiest amongst leading competitors. As a complement to other bath fixtures, the new Aquatic White is nothing short of inspiring.

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